Friday, August 28, 2015

Unexpected Blessing

Where will our unexpected blessing come from this year?

Isaac Gautschi stopped by, camera in hand, to photograph our home so we could list it for sale. As he moved from room to room, I asked him about his story. Isaac is young (only 23), so it wasn’t surprising that he’d been taking photographs for only two years and had had his photography business for only one. But it was surprising to hear about the journey that led him there.

Ready to begin college, with a passion for music and his guitar, Isaac had everything ripped away on April 18, 2013, when his body was thrown 30 feet in a horrific motorcycle accident. Multiple broken bones and injuries made him unable to walk or care for himself. Instead of entering college, he moved back in with his parents, who once again took on the mantle of feeding and caring for the son they loved.

Both arms and hands were in casts. Only the index finger of his right hand had mobility. Knowing his guitar days were probably behind him led to a deep depression. Isaac’s mom gave him a camera and encouraged him to try it. She reminded Isaac that he was an artist, and that maybe his artistic voice could be found in another medium. So he gave it a try. Balancing the camera on his cast, he used his index finger to shoot. He discovered that he had a gift, and he’s been taking photos ever since—amazing photos!

Isaac says that something beautiful and good can come from the most horrible of situations. His camera has become an extension of himself, and when he looks back now, all he sees is the unexpected blessing.

Where will our unexpected blessings come from this year? Perhaps you’ve taught only first grade and have never wanted to teach anything but first grade, but are being moved to fifth grade. Maybe you love your colleagues but are being transferred to a new school. Or perhaps you looked at your class list and saw a name you were hoping not to see. Hang in there. You may discover gifts and talents when you land there that you didn’t even know you had. You, too, may experience the joy that comes when hardship turns into unexpected blessing.