Friday, September 16, 2011

Can You See Me Now?

So…..I need new glasses.  Finding new frames is not a chore I relish or enjoy.  My friend Joan agreed to meet me and help me find the perfect pair.  I got to the vision store before she did and had about 10 pairs in the ‘maybe’ pile when she arrived. 

We sat down across from each other and I proceeded to put on pair after pair, watching her face for affirmation or rejection.   The last pair happened to be the worst pair I could find, simply because I love to make Joan laugh.  And laugh she did.  Her guffaw was so surprising and unexpected to the gal behind the counter that she said, “Ok…turn around….I need to see this.”  I turned around.  “Umm, those are what we call birth control frames.” 

Before I took them off I said, “You should take a picture with your phone and send it to Gail.  Tell her these are the ones we decided on.”  Just prior to snapping the photo I said,  “WAIT” and took the temporary fake fronts off 3 of my teeth, what I like to call….Rockin’ the Hillbilly look.  Joan snapped the picture. “Send one to my dad too, he’ll love it.”

Later that evening I called my dad to ask how he liked my picture.  “I didn’t get a picture from you.” 

“Sure you did…it’s in your phone.  Look in your phone.”

“ picture.”

And that’s when the small niggling seed of fear sprouted into a moment of horror.  I hung up the phone and dialed Joan.

“Joan!  What number did you send that picture to?”



I can’t help but wonder about the stranger who got that picture of me.  I wonder if he or she laughed as hard as we did. 

Is there a lesson?  There are a few.
Always shop for frames with a friend (we found a good pair). 
Laughter is good for the heart and soul.
Double check the number before you hit send.